Monday, March 7, 2011

The Broken Hearted

Saturday was a kinda weird day. I tried to stay busy. Extra busy. Because every single time I stopped, I thought about my friend. Two years ago, we were preparing for her wedding. Leisurely waiting for "our guys" to finish working. And hoping our dresses "made it" in time for the nuptials. It was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. This past Monday, would have been her 2nd Anniversary. Sadly, her divorced was finalized on that date instead.

Weird how I felt weird all day long. Like something wasn't right. Or something was missing. Like something just wasn't right. I could tell that My Guy was feeling the same way. Weird huh? But we were the padrinos for the wedding. So we took the divorce personally. Especially since these were just not friends. But our best friends.

Anyway that you spin it, I feel somewhat "broken hearted." So much has happened since that day. That incredibly busy, happy, and magical night in the desert. A Sin City wedding. We all joked about it. Planned in less than a month. But it was beautiful. Magical. Breathtaking.

A few months later, we were all broken hearted. I remember my friend looking for a necklace like this. Just so the world would leave her alone. They'd see her broken heart. And just understand. We never did find that necklace. And time has healed. A precious baby is also making all of it, a little bit easier.

I tried full heartily not to hate T. I tried to forget about that date. I tried. I really did. But I just can't let it pass by. My friend was hurt so bad. And Baby C deserves a loving Daddy. I know God is making good, of all the wrong that have happened. Lives are improving. And well, things are just getting better. But it's still tough.

One day, we'll all look back on this chapter of our lives, and we'll see how much we've grown. How this experience was necessary in our lives. How it made us grow. Made us stronger. Brought us closer together.

Until then, I need to find a way, to make this particular Saturday, full of love and happiness. It's not so much the date that bothers me. But this particular weekend in our schedule. I guess I'm the one that's feeling "broken hearted." Which is really weird. But when you truly love your friends, you feel all their pains as well. ♥

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