Monday, March 14, 2011

Let's Begin!

Are you guys ready? Today we start our "Crochet Along." I just can't wait to start my bunny! You can still join in. Leave me or Manders a comment. Or send us an e-mail. My e-mail address is SweetNightingaleSing (at) gmail (dot) com. And Manders' is MandersinLove (at) yahoo (dot) com. We've gotten about 25 total. A fun group!

If you want to get a look at our schedule, here it is. I just wanted to somewhat, "equally" distribute the crocheting time. You of course, can work ahead, or behind us. We just wanted to set up a little schedule.

Week 1 (March 14-20): Buy supplies, print pattern, and work to Round 10.
Week 2 (March 21-27); Work Rounds 11-25.
Week 3 (March 28-April 3) : Work the handle.
Week 4 (April 4-10): Work ear #1.
Week 5 (April 11-17): Work ear #2.
Week 6 (April 18-24): Put your bunny basket together and enjoy!

This week is all about getting started. Don't hesitate to send us an e-mail, or leave us a comment. We'd enjoy it a lot! This should be a fun project for everyone. Now let's have a little bit of crochet fun! Oh, I might need to go buy some yarn too! ♥

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