Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Cari!!!

Dear Cari Bear,

Today is your birthday! Happy Birthday sweet girl. I wish I was there. To tell you Happy Birthday in person. To give you a great big hug! I'm so blessed that you asked me to be your Godmother all those years ago. And when I finally got to your "Nana," what a very special day that was!

Cari you are no ordinary kid. You've been through a lot in your short life. Seen a lot. But you are just the absolute sweetest girl I will ever meet! I'm so honored just to know you. To be a part of your life, well it's more special than words can ever express. That much I know.

I hope that the Dear Lord blesses you with all your wishes, dreams, and successes in life. Cari you deserve that and so much more! There are few people in this world, that are true and honest "sweethearts." People who's souls are truly amazing. Cari you are one of those amazing people.

It's crazy, that at such a young age, this little girl is such a blessing. Does so much good for the world. And truly makes my heart sing. I know that her daddy is also very proud of her too. And we all feel so blessed to be part of Cari Bear's life.

But today, it's all about Cari. Making this day extra special. Sending lots of extra special wishes, prayers, and good thoughts her way. This is the day we celebrate your amazing life. And the miracle God has sent our way. Happy Birthday Cari Bear!!!

Your Nana♥

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