Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Abby!

Dear Abby,

Happy 1st Birthday! You are such a big girl now. You and Robbie are just so sweet and amazing. Making everyone around you so happy. Little Cowgirl, you just make me smile. Lucky to be your Godmother, well that's an understatement! I love you so much. Just like I know your 3 other Godparents love you too. What a lucky little girl. You already have 4 Godparents! :)

Watching you grow, is just like watching my own child. We all know that I don't have any babies yet. But you know what I mean. Every time I see you, you look so much bigger. You're doing something new and fun. I just can't believe it. What a true and honest blessing you are to all of us.

I cried the first time you called me Na. We're guessing you were trying to say Nana. And when I got to see you walk, sweet pea that was amazing! So many big steps for such a small little girl.

I thank God each and everyday. Just for letting me be a part of your life. I feel so blessed. I don't take this whole "Godmother thing" lightly. And soon enough, we'll get to see each other again. I can't wait!

Abby, today is all about you and Robbie. I hope you guys enjoy your 1st Birthday. I'm sure you won't remember it. But do remember this, you are loved so much! Little girl, there is not a thing in the world, that I wouldn't do for you!

Your Na (Nana)♥

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