Saturday, March 12, 2011

She Wore A...

First of all, I wish I had found a "teeny, weeny, polka dot bikini!" ;) Just kidding. I'm actually more of a "one-piece and a cover up" type of a woman. No lie! But I didn't plan well. And I ran into Target the day we left. All their swimsuits were on sale. And I went a little "nuts." Buying a few. And the kind that I'd never wear. But you know, I wanted to go out on a limb. Have some fun!

It didn't help that My Guy was "helping" me pick out a fun suit or two. And I fell in love with this Rose Bikini!

Yes folks, this is my favorite of the bunch! For just under $30. And I've lived in this beauty all day. I don't care that you can see my PIC line. Or any of this other "Big C" related crap. I'm here to enjoy myself. Soak up the sun, and enjoy the week, with the man I love. This bikini, it's just the icing to my cake. :) ♥

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