Friday, March 25, 2011

Grey and Gloomy California

Since when is California this grey and gloomy? I'm not sure. But it's not been great weather. Not this morning anyway.

The weather is really just bringing down my mood too. I know, I had a "melt down" last night. Maybe I could tell the weather was changing. I'm not sure. But I'm not feeling this. I feel like there is something bad, just lurking around the corner. I can't put my finger on it. I just know.

I hate this feeling. I usually really like rainy weather. It's my favorite! And California. Well, I'm not a HUGE fan. But I do enjoy coming. It's the only time I really let myself shop. Good vintage shopping out here. But I'm just not feeling it.

My Guy has been amazing. Poor thing. After working yesterday, he came back, to find me curled in a ball...crying. Go figure. But he picked me up. Cuddled me. And let me be. He knew that I just needed it. I've been carrying a lot lately. My Guy was perfect. Just let me cry it out. Then let me talk it out. For hours. Really listening to everything that has been bothering me.

I needed that. So maybe there is a point to this "Gloomy Mood" that I'm in. I've been dealing with a lot. You know, since September. And I just hadn't let it go. This could be a good thing. For now, I'm going to curl up with some hot tea. And pray that My Guy doesn't have to work all day in this rain. Maybe I'll watch a good movie. Or read a good book. Happy Friday! ♥

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