Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pampered Chef Giveaway

I absolutely LOVE to cook and bake. LOVE IT! I ask people to give me cooking and baking supplies as gifts. No lie! I don't need more clothes, makeup, books, movies, or candy. I need fun kitchen stuff. :)

I like all sorts of things. From band new gadgets, to "old school" pots and pans! When my grandparents were moving, my grandma let me pick out a few things. I went for all the cookware. I'm not even, a little ashamed to admit it!

So when I saw this giveaway, I wanted to cry! Are you serious? My dream come true. Baking supplies up for grabs. :)

A square baking pan, always useful! ALWAYS! It took me a few years, before I finally invested in one. Why did I wait so long? And why haven't I bought another? Because I might win this one. ;)

And a cooling rack. Are you serious? These are always great when baking cookies or bread. I've learned that much. Especially, if you have a small kitchen. Or a tiny kitchen like me. I have 1 counter top. But something like this bad boy, wow, it really does change things for the better!

So head over to Hand Made and Lovely. Enter this giveaway right away. And if you don't bake or cook, well enter it anyway. You can always send these prizes my way! :) ♥

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