Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sums Up Our Day...

For so many reasons, this song sums up our day. But in a good way. You know, we all need that little kick in the butt sometimes. When we "see the light." And realize that something wasn't right. Maybe we were lying to ourselves. Just going through the motions. And just trying to survive.

Funny how My Guy and I have the most incredible relationship. Everything on the "Love Front" of our lives couldn't be any better. But the other stuff, it's been tough lately. Work. Family. Life. Careers. Just life.

For so many reasons this song, is just way too perfect! And guess what? We made it to my "home state." And we've planned a "low key week." Before heading to California. Neither of us would change anything in our life. But it's nice to get to just clear our minds for a bit. It's exactly what we need. ♥

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