Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jumbo Burger Kinda Day

For me, it's a pretty busy weekend. But I've managed to schedule out a couple of hours this afternoon. To do what? Hangout with My Guy. You see, today he is not just an employee, he's going to be the "Boss Man" too. And it's an important day for his company. So I'm going to support him. That means, hanging out, and watching the company's progress. We're hoping for a great day!

Along with that, I'm hoping to get a little bit of craft time in too! I've been lacking in the "crafty goodness," as of late. So I dug up a cute pattern, and I hope to get some time today, to crochet. :) You know, between watching all the goodness that is scheduled to happen.

Yup, I have Jumbo Burgers in my near future. The kind that are "calorie free." But oh so delicious! Who knows, if I can make a few, I might have some really cute birthday presents, for some special kiddos!

It's been that kind of a week. The kind that almost demands a little bit of "chilaxing." And definitely some time with my love. Because honestly, weekends are supposed to be about spending time with the ones you love! And having a little bit of fun. Even with all the work we've somehow crammed into this weekend. Happy Saturday! ♥

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