Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleep and My Guy

I can relate a lot to Gemma. Not in the sleep paralysis. But in the inability to sleep. You know, when your significant other is missing. I've really gotten used to My Guy being around. I already have sleep issues. And when we are not around each other, it gets so much worse!

A good example of this, is when my Dad was sick. And I was spending time at the hospital. And later, at my parents' house. I struggled. Actually, I got nearly no sleep. Nothing! Maybe an hour a night. For 2 months! And then, just as horribly as it began, it ended. Why? Because my Mr. was around. Ya, those 2 months, they were so very long!

It's funny. I just feel so much relaxed and safe, when My Guy is around. I don't know how else to put it. Something as silly as My Guy working, and me coming into his office, ya that can lead to hours and hours of GREAT sleep! My Guy is working. And I'm fast asleep on his sofa. Crazy? I'm not sure. I can also sleep though hours of his playing video games. No stinkin' lie!

In the last, almost 3 years, we spend very few nights apart. I'm so glad. Because I do get better sleep. It's bad enough to have a sleep disorder. But to also have issues, because he's not around, it just ain't fun! No sir.

But we both know what works. Actually, My Guy tells me, he gets better sleep when I'm around too. Is it just comfort? Maybe love. I'm not 100% sure. But I am very happy to have My Guy around. He does make all aspects of my life better! ♥

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