Monday, March 21, 2011


Today marks the beginning of year 28 for me. A little scary. I definitely thought I'd be living a completely different life right now. You know, college graduate, married, and maybe a baby or two. But life has lead me down another, and might I add, more exciting path.

I'm still in college. Getting a degree in medicine. Who in the heck would have thought? Dating the most amazing man alive. How did that happen? I swear to you, some days, I feel like my life is a dream. In a good way. :)

10 years ago, all I could think about was graduating from high school. Moving away from home. And "starting my life." You know, my way. So much has changed. But for some reason, this is the year that I've stopped to reflect.

My illness has not made things easy. It's created so many challenges for me. Things that I would have never thought about. You know, before that "fateful, life changing, difficult day." But I think God has done this to me, to prove a lot to myself. To show me, I can do it. I can take care of myself. I can do this on my own. I'm strong enough. Because no matter what, I've done a lot, while dealing with the "Big C."

And I've accomplished so much in my 10 years, post high school. Like owning a home. No mortgage. Full out owning it! Buying and paying off a new car. Chasing my dreams. Both in performing, and in school/work. And I've learned so much about myself. Good things. Bad things. It all has helped me grow.

I've lost so many amazing people in my life as well. Been faced with life changing situations. Helped take care of my Dad. Entered a new phase of my life. Become a Godmother. To many precious little girls. And fell in love. I still don't know how that happened. Oh, and I "unofficially" moved across the country. :)

So to celebrate, I'm going to share with you. 28 things that I don't think you know about me. And I'm not sure here. You know, it's been a year and a half of blogging. Is there anything you don't know about me? I'm not sure. But here we go...

1. More than once, I considered becoming a Nun. As in a "Sister." In the Catholic Church. I swear, it was calling me.

2. I past up a music contract with Sony. I'm not lying! I don't exactly know what I was thinking at the time. But seeing as where my life has lead me, I'm thinking it was the best choice I could have made.

3. I like to eat my french fries with mayonnaise. Not ketchup. Mayonnaise. Or a Frosty from Wendy's. :)

4. I miss some of my best friends. Like a person would miss air. Friends that I just grew apart from. Like Amanda, Hillary, Patricia, Jude, Brenda, Jennifer, Jenny, Antoinette, and Priscilla. That's just 9. A short list. There are a few more. How sad is that? But how do you reconnect?

5. I would have given my right arm, to have played full time, with a Mariachi in my hometown. You know, where they respected me. Not the crap that I dealt with. I really wanted that. More than anything.

6. I still get nervous about talking in Spanish. I don't know why. I just do. Like I'm waiting for myself to fail or something.

7. I'm very insecure. And lack in self confidence. Most people don't know this. They just think I'm ridiculously shy. Which I am. The two together, can almost be crippling.

8. Along the "Friend Topic," at least once every two weeks, I'm probably minutes away from my childhood best friend. I work at the hospital, in the city, where she lives. I need to schedule in some time to meet up with her. I really miss our friendship.

9. For years, I watched Telenovelas. Why? I'm not positive. But it did give me the confidence to speak in Spanish. I've understood, read, and written in Spanish since I was a small kid. But I didn't really "speak" Spanish, in conversation, until I was a teenager.

10. I miss my Grandma a lot. And occasionally, I go have lunch at her grave. I talk to her and my Grandpa (that I never met.) It always makes me feel better.

11. The idea of wearing shorts, almost makes me have a panic attack. I don't know. I was a cheerleader for years. Wearing a lot less. But shorts, they scare me!

12. There was this guy in college. I had the BIGGEST crush on him. So bad, I could barely talk to him. Forget when he sang, played, or looked my way. I would turn "beet red" when he'd talk to me. It's pretty hilarious now that I think about it! :P

13. I still panic, when I have to change the thread, in my sewing machine. I don't know why. But it makes me sweat bullets!

14. I can easily spend $100 at Dollar Tree. On what? All kinds of things. Especially around holidays. Or now at Spring time. So I avoid it like the plague!

15. I can't remember the last time I washed my car! I rarely wash it. And 99% of the time, it's a mess. While my house is completely spotless. Not a thing out of place. I don't get it!

16. I sometimes eat an entire package of whipped cream. With warm chocolate chip cookies. Why? It makes me feel better, after a bad day at work.

17. I really like "Hospital Jell-O." So much that I eat at least 2 cups every single time I work. :)

18. I've always wanted to ride a real life bull. Like the ones in the PBR. But at the same time, it scares me to death!

19. I brush my teeth at least 6 times a day. And floss 2 or 3 times. I still fear losing all of my teeth. I honestly don't know why.

20. I organize everything in my house. EVERYTHING! Books by authors. Clothes by color. Dishes by size. Linens. Gardening tools. Wrapping paper, ribbons, and cards. Jewelry. Food. Everything! It's almost crippling.

21. I like to sleep outside, on the porch, when it rains.

22. I'm scared that I'm going to be the "Unsuccessful Graduate of WMHS '01." Maybe because I feel like I haven't accomplished enough. I don't know.

23. I don't use public restrooms. EVER! I just can't do it. The "Germ Factor" freaks me out. I know, it's bad for my health. But I can't.

24. I have a diagnosed, sleep disorder. Most days, I sleep maybe 2 or 3 hours. Nothing seems to help. And honestly, I'm exhausted 90% of the time. But I put on a brave face. And don't tell people that I'm silently suffering.

25. I still can't bring myself to change a dirty diaper. I can't. What in the world am I going to do, when I have kids?

26. I secretly love math, chemistry, and physics. I realized that during one of my toughest semesters in college. I really do enjoy those classes! Can I take more?

27. When I was little, I knew deep in my heart, I wanted to be a mommy and a wife. I never wanted a career. Just to love and take care of my family.

28. My butt gives me nightmares. Think "Baby Got Back." Is it too big? Too "out there?" But secretly, I like having a larger rear end. But it still gives me anxiety. So I workout.

There you go. 28 things about me. I wonder if you really learned anything worth while? But right now, those are the things that are on my brain. I might do this again. Maybe a few times during year #28. ♥

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