Saturday, March 19, 2011

Looking For...

I'm looking for a necklace like this. I was doing a google image search and found this beauty! But when I clicked on the link, it wasn't available. If anyone knows where I can find this necklace, or one similar to it, please let me know. Pretty please!

On another note, My Guy is definitely back to work. He's been working pretty hard for a few days now. And I'm trying to tackle all of my files. It's really busy around here. But we're trying to carve out some time to hangout with friends tonight. I hope we can manage it.

And I'm in a sea of crafts! No lie! There are so many birthdays between March 15th and March 31st. I'm a little overwhelmed. Maybe I should have packed some of these crafts. You know, during our trip. There was a lot of "down time." Oh, and I just opened up 5 Baby Shower invitations. I guess you can say, reality is smacking me in the face. Oh well! Happy Saturday! ♥

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