Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

What a beauty. A legend. Elizabeth Taylor. I was s sadden to hear the news this morning. Elizabeth has gone to heaven.

Why does this hurt my heart so much? I'm not sure. Maybe one of those things. Because she's the last on a truly amazing, classic, and elegant people. People who were larger than life. Bigger than you could imagine. Yes, that was Elizabeth.

I remember watching her movies as a kid. I've always liked a good black and white movie. And watching Cleopatra with my Mom. I remember immediately wanting to dress up like Cleopatra. To be her for Halloween. No lie!

There was this one time, I was really sick. And I remember coming home from school. I laid on the couch, put the TV on, and watched a marathon of Elizabeth Taylor's movies. It was probably one of the best days of my life. Other than being sick.

Elizabeth was the last of the real "Movie Stars." The legends. People who were "bigger than life." Not celebrities. But people who you really wished that you could meet. Maybe live their life for a day. Because what little girl didn't want to play with Elizabeth's beautiful jewelry.

Rest in Peace Elizabeth. You are so dearly loved by many. A truly elegant woman. ♥

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