Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Uncle and His Sweet Nieces

Happy Wednesday! How is everyone doing? I hope well. Around here, we've been crazy busy. But we're trying not to get too lost in everything. And a cute call from our "Little Nieces" always brings us back to reality!

These 2 little girls, sure do know how, to work their uncle. You see, when they really want something, and their parents aren't buying into it, they call up their uncle. And they schmooze him! "Uncle it's been so long, since we've seen you. We miss you. You are so handsome! And our favorite uncle. When can we go over to hangout?"

It really is cute. And they really do LOVE their uncle. And honestly, they don't call all the time for stuff. But there are just certain things, that grab their attention. Enter in...Stompeez.

These are slippers for kids. And when they walk, either the eyes, ears, or mouth pops up. They are actually really fun. How do I know about these? Last year, I bought Marissa and Mariella a pair. For their birthdays.

You see, they were with me. And we were watching cartoons. This silly commercial popped on. For Stompeez. They were in LOVE! Instantly! So I ordered 2 pairs. Well, recently that same commercial is popping up everywhere! And our "Little Nieces" saw it. While watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Well, uncle fell for it. And who could honestly resist, these 2 cuties? We just ordered 4 pairs. 2 pair for their home. 2 pair for ours. You know, we've got to keep fun stuff at our home too!

Is there anything that gets you? Something that you can't resist. An infomercial or commercial, that gets you. And you find yourself ordering something, that you wouldn't normally buy. Yes, we ALWAYS fall for these 2 little girls. I guess, as long as it's still reasonably priced. :) ♥

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