Saturday, August 25, 2012

Counting Our Blessings

This has been such a busy weekend. Good and bad. We've enjoyed lots of "Q-Time" with our friends. But then there was some tragedy near us. We're all praying for the family. And the families of the Empire State Building shooting. Wow! It's just been so up and down lately.

It makes what this man does for a living, seem a little...well "unimportant" this morning. His words, not mine. When you see the "Real World" crashing down around you, sometimes it just makes you think. But we're trying to get our heads on straight.

This guy has to work tonight. Not tomorrow. Like during a "usual week." It kind of throws off our schedule. But that means we have tomorrow off. And what are we going to do? Have a "Date Day," in Tennessee. Should be fun!

Until then, this guy is clowning around. We're watching Baby C this morning. As her momma, isn't feeling well. And well, this Nono is having a blast! Singing this song to her...

And she just thinks it's that best thing ever! I've got to admit, it's fun to watch him sing and dance around. With not a care in the world! Because tonight, he will be very serious, at work. And I'll probably be having a blast with Baby C. Maybe we might get a little nap in too!

But more than anything, today is about counting our blessings. With all these tragedies that are happening, and knowing that my own grandma is experiencing some health issues, we must count our blessings. Our family could really use your prayers right now.

God is GREAT! We just need to believe in him. And remember he is here, to help us carry our hardships. Happy Saturday!

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