Sunday, August 5, 2012


You should know something about me. Growing up, we had cable. 100+ channels. We were cool. Because it was the 1980s. And most of my friends, didn't have cable. When I moved out, I NEVER got cable. I couldn't afford it. There I said it. I was a college student, quickly becoming a medical student. Who was supporting herself. Did I mention? I didn't just move out of my parents' home. I moved 3+ hours away. And bought a house!

So I NEVER got caught up in the Hallmark or Lifetime movies. Maybe I should have. But I just didn't have the time. Or the money. Yes, I've dated men who had cable/satellite/digit. Heck, we've got 300+ channels now. And honestly, there is little time to watch TV, now when I've got a few hundred channels to watch. When I do watch TV, it's usually on the computer. Yup, I catch up on my shows, weeks later. Lame, but true.

Another thing you should know is, we are movie people. Big time! We travel A LOT!!! And with that, we have very unpredictable schedules. We honestly end up in places, that sometimes don't even have cellphone reception. Places where our internet connections, are similar to the ones we had in 1988. Yup!

Therefore, we watch a lot of movies. Always have a few good ones, on hand. And a few new titles. But Friday night, this guy totally shocked me! You see, we're in the middle of nowhere. But by some miracle, we have cable. And our friends, who usually come over for dinner, decided to stay in. So we were on our own. And this guy, had the idea to watch a movie on the Hallmark channel! I know!!!

I quickly whipped up some snacks, soaked in the sound of pouring rain outside, and settled in for a long snuggle with my favorite guy! It's probably the longest amount of time, we'll have all weekend, to just "be together." And that movie we watched was..."The Engagement Ring."

Such a cute movie! A somewhat "Italian version" of Romeo and Juliet. It had some history, of 2 families, who had once been friends. But a misunderstanding, made the 2 families fight for decades. Now, a younger generation is involved, and falling in love. As the "real story," from decades ago, works it's way out.

Really, this is such a cute movie! One that I'm glad, My Guy suggested. Who knew? Usually, I save these types of movies, for nights when I'm crafting with my Mom. It was definitely a nice change of pace for us. Something we're definitely going to have to do again. :)

I'm sure, this guy will agree to it. As long as I don't make him, watch something too sappy. And we ended our night, talking about what we're going to do, when we get home. Home...I miss you! So much. We miss you!!! And I can't wait to crawl into our HUGE and comfy bed again!!!

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