Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Be Our Guest

I have to admit something here. I'm a HUGE "Beauty and the Beast" fan. HUGE!!! It doesn't matter if we're talking Disney, or the Fairy Tale. There's just something about the story, that has always melted my heart. :)

When I was 8 years old, Disney's version was all over town! I was in love! Made this guy's mom, take me 20 or more times, to see the movie. I made my poor parents eat at Pizza Hut every single week. So I'd get the Beauty and the Beast puppets and puzzles.

Heck, when my parents got their cabin, I knew what my room was going to be decorated like. Can you imagine? I had the bedding, dolls, pictures, books, and even a lamp! I was in heaven!!! And over the last 11 years, watched my VHS, until I was sure, you couldn't watch it anymore.

So this year, when it came out in DVD, I snatched 1 up. Actually, My Guy bought me 2, and I had already bought 1. :) Little did I know, Little K, and my cousin J would fall in love too! And since I've been enjoying some good "Family Time" lately, can you imagine what we've been doing?

Well, when I'm home, Little K and I have watched our favorite movie many, many times. Then I found a few toys. Including this one. That I just had to buy!

Oh ya! I did. :) And it's helped host hours, and hours of fun! Then when I headed home to the SW, I bought another. For our home. And when my little cousin J came over, she was in love!!! It didn't hurt, that we had a few goodies from the Disney store too.

Yes, our little tea set, has been one fun toy! Brought me back to being 8 years old. And has helped me, to connect with the "younger" generation. Oh, there may have also been a little library recreating. And maybe, a little dressing up too!

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