Friday, August 3, 2012

Spanglish...Long Time No Watch

There's this movie, that all my friends have been telling me to watch. Especially Selena. And for whatever reason, I've never really searched it out. I don't know why. Because the storyline has ALWAYS interested me. And well, I really do trust my friends.

I have this list of movies, that I eventually want to watch. Because I've heard amazing things about them. Or because my friends and family recommend them. I have this list, and when movies go on sale, I always look for these titles. ALWAYS! It's how I've found many of my favorite movies! But somehow, Spanglish NEVER seems to be around when I'm looking for it.

Well, the Mr. is off working today. All day long! Doing what he does best. My Bestie is staying in. Because Baby C, isn't feeling too well. And me? Well, I'm bored out of my mind!!!

So I decided, that I need to work on a few crochet projects. Like my cousins' baby gift. She's having a little boy, at the end of the month. And I missed her Baby Shower. :( Second one for her, second one I miss. So I feel like, I really need to step up my game, with the gift.

And I got to work. I got to work, and then turned on the TV. Searching for something to watch. And what did I run across? Spanglish! Oh my goodness!!! It's the cutest movie ever!!!

Maybe because I'm Hispanic, I relate better. But for whatever the reason is, I just fell in LOVE with this movie. So I text this guy. And told him, that we NEED to watch Spanglish together. Remember, he was at work.

Well, not 2 minutes later, I get an e-mail. It was a confirmation. Because this guy, ordered it. Looks like we'll be having a "Movie Night" this week. And I can't wait!

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