Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fishy Fun

I think by now, you know that this guy and I, are quite hilarious! Looking for fun items for our homes. So it shouldn't shock you, that I got an e-mail from this guy...with this picture...

"Perfect for Florida!" I've got to say this much, this man has a GREAT sense of humor. But this time around, he's not kidding. You see, he's had his home in Florida for 10+ years now. Last February, he decided that it needed some love. And upgrading. And after we were there in July, the work has begun.

Yes, we've worked on lots of things together. Made plans. I've flown out there a few times. Work is going great! And everything is going to be super fun. A little different from our "normal" tastes. But definitely fun!

This sink, just makes me laugh! Could you imagine what people will think? Well, I guess we don't have to wonder. Because this guy, just ordered something similar. A little larger. But similar. And where on Earth did he find his inspiration? On Pinterest! See what happens, when he's 1000s of miles away from me. And here I thought, he'd be having late nights with his buddies. ♥

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