Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wise Owl Tote Bag: Week 5

And it's our final week! :) Are your bags looking cute? Why am I asking? So many of you, have sent me the most adorable pictures! And I'm inspired to make a few more bags. Because I want to try your color combinations. Please keep sending me your pictures! :)

This week, Cari reminded me that she starts school in 8 days!!! I guess it's a good thing, that we're almost done with our Wise Owl Tote Bags! This week, all we have to work on, is the heart. The one that goes in the middle. And well, if you need to catch up, this is the week to do it!

I also received lots of e-mails, about how I've sewn on the various pieces. Well, with the eyes, I sewed the buttons on the "white part." Then attached that part of the eye, to the larger piece. That larger piece, is the part that I actually attached to the bag itself. If you try to sew from the largest to the smallest, it gets a bit "bulky." And the inside of your bag, can look a bit messy.

Now for the beak, don't over stuff it. That will make it too "bulky" for this project. I then sewed the end shut. Making it slightly flat. When it's sewn together, it's easier to attach to the body.

Once I attached the beak to the body, I didn't like how it "bobbled" around. So I tacked the entire beak down, from the inside of the bag. I did this, in a small triangle. Smaller than the size of the beak, so the stitches stay "hidden."

I hope that everyone has enjoyed this "Crochet Along!" I'm already planning our next one. With my Mom!!! And if you have any questions, please send me an e-mail at SweetNightingaleSing (at) gmail (dot) com. Or leave Cari or I a comment.

I hope you enjoy your Wise Owl Tote Bag! I know I've enjoyed making mine. And know, a very special little girl, is going to LOVE my finished bag too! ♥

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