Thursday, August 9, 2012

What a Cute Zebra!!!

One of the dietitians that I work with, is expecting twin girls. In December. How exciting! And she's been asking me about different things, that I could make for her girls. Which makes me so excited! One thing that she asked for, was 2 Zebra hats. Since the girls are going to be born in the winter. She wants something cute, and warm. :)

I started searching. And kept finding basic hats, that are just black and white. Some have little ears. But nothing too exciting. Then I stumbled on this cutie! I do think the nose makes the entire hat! And that hair!!!

Immediately, I sent the picture to Amber. She LOVES it! She doesn't care if I make them pink. Or the more "traditional" black and white. So I'm going to try both.

Anyway, whatever Amber doesn't get, I can sell to another friend of ours. That is obsessed with all things Zebra. OBSESSED!!! I can just imagine if she saw this. She'd order it immediately. For her cute granddaughter! ♥

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