Monday, August 20, 2012


This has been the roughest Summer, I've had in a long while! I know I put on a brave face. I smile at everything. Tell people everything is roses. But it's been tough! So much so, I debated not taking classes this semester. I'm just worn out. Between my health, trying to help my parents, and our constant traveling...I'm barely above water.

To be honest, I really didn't want to go back to school either. I'm just "Burnt the Heck Out!" And tired. Exhausted! Yes, it's exhaustion at this point.

I started doing all the paperwork, to take a semester off. Yes, at this point of my program, I have to ask for permission, to take time off. Had the envelopes addressed. All that stuff. Then on my way to the Post Office, I made a quick stop. And I found these...

Yes! And so much more! And it got me thinking about school again. How I can suck it up. I can do this. I have just enough money, to cover my down payments, books, supplies, insurance for my internships, and all that good stuff.

I decided to do this again. I figure, if it's too much, I have until the end of September to withdraw. If my health doesn't get better. If my parents need me. If I'm spread too thin. I've got around 6 weeks, to make this decision.

And for me, maybe it was the school supplies that encouraged me. Maybe it's what I needed. Just that little push. You know, to get me motivated again. Because honestly, this "defeat," is not part of my character. I'm just praying for another good semester. Because sometimes, being a "Grown Up," is really hard work. ♥

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