Friday, August 31, 2012

Oh Eugene!!!

I've talked about my cousin, Little J before. She's my 2 year old cousin. Not long ago, we had a "Date" to the mall. You know, to do all the things she enjoys. Riding the rides, shopping, and getting a yummy snack.

Before this little adventure, we were not too close. We just hadn't spent much time together. But I'm super close to her grandma. My 1st cousin. Little J's mom, is my 2nd cousin. Prior to this day, we'd seen each other. Played together. But we weren't super close.

But on the this day, we got to spend a few hours together. Being girls. Little J is all girl! She LOVES princesses, jewelry, and shoes!!! Little J, well she takes a little while to warm up to people. But in just a few minutes, I had the girl chatting away.

We talked about it all. Coloring, train rides, and Eugene. Oh, Eugene!!! Have you ever watched Tangled? If you have, then you know Eugene. Who just happens to be Little J's favorite guy! :)

Since our "Date," Little J and I have met a few more times to play and hangout. We've made trips to the mall, to ride the rides. And may have just had to have lunch, at her favorite place. Um, 4 times. :) But the topic that always comes up, is Eugene.

I got a call from Little J today. To let me know that she was watching Tangled. And playing with the dolls I bought her. And all of a sudden, she puts down the phone. And I hear, "Go Eugene, Go! Go Eugene, Go! You're doing it!" Little J was so excited!

Later, I find out that Eugene was climbing Rapunzel's hair. She was cheering for her "boyfriend." Wow! It was too cute. Do you remember having any "crushes" when you were that young? I just think it's too cute! Little J ALWAYS gives me an update on Eugene. ALWAYS!!!

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