Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cutest Animals Ever!!!

I don't know about you, but I'm a very indecisive person. It takes me weeks, sometimes months, to buy something. I have to look at it, research, debate if I really want it. It's sorta a pain in the butt.

For example. Every single time, I go to a craft store, I look at this book. "Easy Crochet Critters." I even put it in my basket. Then when I get to the register, I decide not to buy it. Well, not too long ago, I went shopping with my Mom. And I debated this book again. Even with my coupon. Making this book $2...

I think my Mom had had enough with me. She bought me the book. And you know what? I think it's my favorite crochet book ever! There are so many cute patterns in this book. Definitely worth the cost. And the best part, they are super easy to make! I whipped up a lion, elephant, hippo, giraffe, and monkey in one night! The monkey is by far, my favorite animal of the bunch! The face of the lion is also to die for!!!

So I've taken this book, and created a few different gifts. A musician I used to work with, has a little girl. That just turned a year old. I made her 5 animals, whipped up a little bag, and bought her an animal book. She LOVED it!

Then a friend of ours, also has a little girl that's turning a year old. I made a few different animals, and pretty much made her the same gift. I whipped up a few, to send to another cousin. Who just had a baby. And I have a list of kiddos, I still want to make a set for.

But by far, that little monkey has been the winner. I've made 10! That weren't in these sets. And I've sold every single one! I'm not even trying to sell them. But everybody is in love with them. I've got a few more ordered. And I'm starting to make some extra animals. Because in September, my Mom and I are going to sell at another Craft Fair. :) I can't wait! ♥

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