Monday, August 27, 2012

Fun Finds!!!

We've been spending a lot of time in the SW. Which I'm honestly LOVING!!! It makes for a heck of a lot of traveling. But it's well worth it. :)

I'm doing a lot of the "finishing touches," on our home in my hometown. We've had friends over. And a few of my family members. It's really turning into our "Dream Home." But there are still things we are putting up. Little things we need to buy.

That lead me, to K-Mart. I'm not a regular shopper there. When I was really little, my parents shopped there. But then when I was 5 o 6, we stopped shopping there. I don't know why. It just happened. And over the last 11 years, I've gone for very specific things.

Mostly things in their "Garden Center." Years ago, I like to shop for Martha Stewart home goods. When I can't find a movie, I head there. Once in a while, I find some cute clothes, shoes, or accessories. But it's not a store that I gravitate towards.

We need some sheers, for a very sunny room. I searched everywhere! Online, in stores, anywhere I could think of. Then while talking to my cousin, she told me they had some at K-Mart. Nice ones. For cheap! So I headed over.

My Guy and I spent hours there. Not lying! We bought 6 outdoor chandeliers, some flower baskets, various kitchen goods, our sheers, and I literally stumbled on the "Clearance Toys."

With all my Goddaughters, nieces, and my friends' little girls...I'm ALWAYS on the hunt for some cute toys. I buy stuff, and save it for birthdays and Christmas. Well, I dug around. And I found something.

Fisher Price's Minnie Mouse's House! I know a little girl, who would LOVE it! 2 actually. So we dug around some more. Found 2 more. The sticker said $20. Marked down from $40. I thought it was a decent deal. Nothing to be calling people about. But when we went to pay, it was $10!!! Yes, we got 3, for less than the regular price of 1!

When we got home, I looked up the toy. Found out they are back ordered until February 2013. What? I wrapped one up for a birthday present. Another for a Christmas present. And the 3rd, I took out of the package. My little cousin J, was coming over for a visit. And we don't have many toys around here.

Well, she adored it! Played for almost 2 hours with it. And only stopped when we went outside to the pool. I think it was a great hit. And a lesson learned by me. ALWAYS go check out random stores. For their "Clearance" section. Not just your favorite Target. :)

I headed back to another K-Mart. The next morning. Since I let Little J have the house. And I picked up 2 more. Along with some princess dolls, Bratz dolls, and a few tea sets. I felt like I was robbing the place. Literally 25 toys, for under $100. I'm well on my way to completing my "Christmas List" early! ♥

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