Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Fun!

Last month, I blogged about "Island Coral." It's such a pretty color! I've actually, absolutely fallen in LOVE with 2 colors, from Sinful Colors. "Island Coral" and "Cinderella."

I've worn "Island Coral" pretty much since I bought it. I LOVE that it's soft. And more on the pink side, than orange. And this week, I'm trying out "Cinderella." It's a beautiful blue/aqua color. Reminds me of the tropical blue oceans. Oh so pretty! With just a hint of sparkle. Not crazy, chunky glitter. Just some sparkle. That catches the light, so softly. Perfect for some Summer fun!

While hunting for a picture of the nail colors, I've come to realize something. I'm not alone. There are tons of women out there, that are in LOVE with these 2 colors! They're not your "typical" bright Summer colors. But not pastels either. Some beautiful mixture of the 2!!!

For me, I was just looking for something fun. A color other than pink. And white. I'm pretty sure, everyone is sick of seeing my nails, painted white. So I picked up 2 colors. Colors that I wouldn't normally wear so much. But I'm so glad that I bought them. :) They've made my Summer, so much more fun and colorful!

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