Monday, July 30, 2012

Quick Shot of Inspiration

We are in my hometown for a few days. And I'm planning on spending some time with my Little Cousin J tomorrow. She's 100% girl. With all the whimsy and fluff, that is a girl. She likes to dress up, paint her nails, play with dolls. Oh, and she's 2 years old!

So when I saw this little project on Little Miss Momma, just a few short hours ago, I knew I had to make it! I ran to the nearest Hobby Lobby, as it was closing. Begged them to let me in. And in less than 2 minutes, I had my stack of fabric, ready to be cut!

I chose white, bubblegum pink, and lavender. Remember, I told you Little J is all girl! A wise girl that LOVES her some Minnie Mouse, and Disney Princesses. :) I decided, I could whip this up tonight. With a quick stop at Target, my purchases were complete.

It's taken all of 30 minutes to whip up the "tent." And I've got everything cut out for this sweet blanket. Oh, and a few pillows to sit on. I just need to get them sewn up!

How is that for a quick shot of inspiration? Funny how some things work out. I found a new blog that I LOVE!!! And I just might have to whip up another playful set. For a very specific little girl. Who I know, will LOVE this to pieces!!! I can already see her playing tea party inside. With all her dolls. I can't wait!!! ♥

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