Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Perfection in a Suitcase!

The one thing you should know about My Guy and I is, we're hilarious! We have a funky style. And we are always looking for fun items. Things that are "outside the box." And just different.

This could be why, our homes are taking forever to finish up! We want unique pieces. But also pieces that are inviting, and comfortable. Do you know what I mean? This has meant, ordering lots of things. And I swear to you, every single time I get on Pinterest, there is trouble. Because, then we want a million more things, for our homes...

We're getting close to being finished. Close. But there are still some key pieces missing. Things that just make our space, well "ours!" And like I said, I troll Pinterest, blogs, any place I can think of, for inspiration. That's where I found this chair!!!

And oh, I want one. For our library. How fun would that be? To put next to a window. And get lost in a good book. Oh my goodness! Hello!!! I even have the perfect suitcase. So I called up Joe, to see if he could help a girl out. And he said yes!!! Now I'm just wondering, when I can sit in my new chair? Can you tell how happy I am?

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