Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Newest Addition

Pretty sure, that you know all about, one of my favorite collections. My "Apron Collection." It's probably the most dear to my heart. It all started, with 4 aprons. That belonged to, 2 of my grandmas.

Over the last few years, my collection has grown quite a bit. With lots of handmade aprons. Did you say crochet apron? Why yes, I happened to make one for myself. I've also convinced my Momma, to sew me up a few. Say, one for every holiday! :)

Yes, I'm a bit spoiled. I even take to sewing my own. Searching out darling fabrics. Even vintage curtains. Heck, even this guy's family knows. His grandma sewed me up a "Birthday Apron." His momma is always picking me up a new one. From my favorite store Target.

But just the other day, I came home to this sweet thing. The Eiffel For You Apron. :) That my sweet man, happened to order. Just for me. In case you're interested, there are a few left. And as of this morning, they went on sale. Not sure how long that will last. But this beauty, is now $28. How can you resist those ruffles, that bow, and the cute print? I treasure my new girl. The newest addition, to my most dear collection. ♥

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