Thursday, May 10, 2012

Polka Dot Fun!

I've been in this funny mood lately. On one hand, I want to get our homes in order. The decorating complete. Make it feel, just like our home should feel. On the other hand, I don't want to shop. Or spend money. Even if, I have everything planned out.

It's my crazy personality taking over. I just know it!!! I get into these funky moods! When I've spent weeks making a plan. Researching so many products, ideas, and stores. Then, I just don't want to spend money. Lately, I haven't wanted to spend money on anything!!!

In fact, we've eaten our way, through our freezer, and pantry. There's really, no groceries left. We've had some interesting meals. Literally, unless this man needs something, I've stayed very far away, from any store!!!

With that said, I've had this picture, saved on my computer. For almost a year!!! I've searched high and low, for these chairs. With no luck.

If I could find these chairs, I just might get out of this funk. I might dive head first, into making our houses, homes. Why in the world, do I have to decorate 3 homes at once? When I don't want to do anything, but take long baths, read good books, and nap out on the back porch. I know, I just need to get through this semester. Then life will be more like these polka and cheerful! ♥

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