Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hair Ideas...

For a long while now, I've wanted to cut my hair. Do something with it. Get an actual "style" going on. Part of that, is I'm looking for some change. For a little fun. Something different. More "grown up." You know what I mean?

Most of the time, Manders cuts and styles my hair. But now that we're a few thousand miles apart, it less and less often. We're usually trying to get my hair cut, right before a show. When it needs to be long enough, for the hairstyles, that I need for the shows. Which is not what I want for my "every day hair."

Then when we're not around each other, I just go with this guy. When he gets his hair cut, so do I. At this cute little barber shop. Definitely not a place, to go for a new style. Just a trim.

To be honest, I've got some rather annoying hair. "Chia pet hair." I've never really liked it. But in the last few years, I've grown to embrace my hair. My dark brown hair, that has tons of natural red highlights. The crazy hair, that just can't air dry. The same hair, that begs for a hair straightener. Something that I still haven't replaced...almost a year after mine went to hair straightener heaven!

Most days, I'm simple. A little hair product, a hair clip or 2, and I'm done. With those curly waves. That by the end of the day, end up, in a loose bun. On top of my head.

So I've been doing a little research. Hoping that when the gigs are all said and done, later this month, Manders can do something with my hair. Anything! I don't want to wear it in a bun, all summer long. And our next big round of gigs, isn't until late summer. My hair will grow back by then.

I've searched and searched, for some ideas. But the ones I'm leaning toward most, are here. What do you think?

I can go for it. And cut off all my hair like Jennifer Aniston. What a fresh feel for summer. :)

Or maybe just some texture like Kate Moss. Add some fringe. A little choppy layers. Something a little less formal. A lot more fun!

I could stick with longer locks. Just learn to really style them. With this style, I'd still have to cut off about half of my hair. Darn, why did I let it get so long? I've just been lazy about my hair...

Personally, I've never really had short hair. The texture of my hair, just would create a HUGE mess!!! Weeks before I graduated, I cut my hair. Shoulder length. Loved it! Then it grew back. So quickly! And I didn't bother much with it. The first summer that I lived in the desert, I cut it just above my shoulders. Loved it! Managed to keep it that short, until the Fall. When school started again.

But now, I'm itching for a change. Who knows, maybe I'll venture even further. And change the color. I just want something new. Fun. And a little more, well "put together." I'm telling you, living in the South, makes you realize these important things. Like having a real "personal style." And I so badly need one! ♥

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