Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fun Night Ahead

We had a long night last night. But I can't complain. It was a fun night of performing, with some of my best friends. With this guy, hanging out with his friends. It's so nice, when our 2 worlds collide like this. When all of our friends are together, having a great time!

But this week, has been leading up to the fun tonight. Not only all of our friends, but this guy's family, are preparing for a fun night. And I'm super excited!!! There are few weeks, like this for us. When we're surrounded by the people we love. Traveling so much for work, you learn to really appreciate nights like this. :)

Like every week, I'm baking some fun treats for this guy, and his co-workers. The twist, I got a little e-mail this week. From one of the biggest, toughest, guy's I know!!! Asking if I'd make these cookies. In some very specific colors. Well buddy, these are for you!!!

I also managed to bake up a few treats, for the rest of us. While we enjoy the evening. My Guy's family, has decided they'd cook this week. I can't wait! Because I know, it will be so yummy!!! I've been looking forward to these 2 weeks, for months!!! And I'm so happy, that we have so many amazing people surrounding us, and showering us with love!!!

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