Monday, May 14, 2012

Cleaning Closets

For the next 2 weeks or so, we're going to be home. Working around here. It's such a relief!!! And I've got these closets, that are just screaming my name. "We NEED your help!!! Come save us. Purge some of this stuff."

Oh yes, I've got some serious plans. I'm very excited that some of my best friends, will be out here too! I've warned them. Telling them each, to bring an empty suitcase. I'd like to give them some of my things. Send them to a home, where they would be loved. Just as much as I have loved them. :)

This is nuts! Not very long ago, I purged our closets. Right before we moved in here. I just feel like, there is too much stuff. Slowly, I've been doing this to our entire home. Purging. Organizing. And color coding...and labeling. Am I crazy? Maybe. But it needs to get done. Because when it's a jumbled mess, it just stresses me out! I can't wait, to really get in these spaces, and make them more useful for this guy and I. ♥

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