Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Little Rain Drops

I've ALWAYS been a big fan of rain. I'm giving the credit to my grandparents. As I spent years and years, with them. For many summers, I'd spend 2 months with them. In the mountains. They had a tin roof. And when the summer rains rolled into the mountains, there was nothing better then sitting on their porch. Listening to the steady rain falling. Watching, as it cleaned the Earth.

I still feel like that. When the rain rolls in, I feel like I'm 5 years old again. Sitting on that front porch. Watching as God cleanses the world. The only way, that really wipes away the filth. I'm drawn to rain. Forget rainy nights. I'll spend hours, just listening to the rain. Feeling a certain "peace" come over me.

Lately, rains have been seldom. Far between. Something that I've craved more and more. I just feel like my own spirit, needs some cleansing. And there is nothing like a good rain, that cleans a person's soul. And since we haven't had rain, I've searched out some rain inspired treats. :)

This rain cloud necklace, is so incredible! It's delicate. Unexpected. And so fun! Now if I could just find the seller...

What about this fun and colorful rain cloud? So fun! Another treat, that I'd LOVE to own! The colorful raindrops, just make me smile!!!

And this precious picture makes me smile! I can't find a source for this one either. :( But this is something, that I can try to replicate. Oh yes! I just need to head out for a canvas. I can't wait, to have a little fun painting like this.

It's funny, how much I like rain, rain clouds, rain drops...anything of that sort! Have you seen anything similar? I'd LOVE to hear all about it! Because I'm so serious, about purchasing some "rain" inspire items. ♥

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