Friday, May 18, 2012

Personal Touches...

Do you remember me telling you about my decorating dilemma? Well, I'm still there. I haven't been shopping in forever! If you want to count me, running into Target and Home Depot, for some last minute Mother's Day presents. And that quick trip to Wal-Mart, for this guy's deodorant and shampoo, I haven't been shopping in almost 2 months. Yes, this man is begging me to go grocery shopping. It's at the top of my list for today. :)

Back to my decorating. We call home, the "South." One, because that's where this guy's business is based out of. Two, I currently work, at a local Children's Hospital. Three, we enjoy it. But I'm from the Southwest. My entire family lives there! And a few times a year, we still travel out west. For this guy's work. I also have a home. I purchased on my own, when I was 18. It's where I went to college. 3 hours from my family. Which I still have. Sometimes, we run out there, to "get away."

I also work near there. Part time. But my home, isn't in the best of shape. Personally, I'm just trying to pay for Medical School. I don't want anyone else to pay for it. So it can be tough. My home, has suffered because of this. Partly because, my home was built in the 1940s. It needs a lot of TLC. Say a working heater, water heater, and AC. Perhaps, I could finally fix that pesky little leak. And the plumbing, needs to be completely redone.

Because of my health, I can't really stay there either. That's why My Guy, decided to invest in some property there. It's a lot. A lot on our plate. But after dating for 4 years, we know that our future holds lots of traveling for us. Because of this guy's job. The reality is, if and when we decide to marry, I won't work. We'll continue to travel for his job. And we'll try to equally share our time, between my family and his. Never mind the 2000+ miles.

Each home is very different. But needs personal touches. Needs to feel like home. A place that one day, we can raise a family in. A place to have friends over. A home to enjoy. I've been sorta picky about things. Because I don't want to spend too much money. And I need to remember, we don't have much down time.

But I keep finding these great ideas! And things that I love. Things that I want to fill our homes with. That won't break the bank. I want to do that much, for the man I love. I don't want him to be investing tons of money into these homes. If I can, I want to save us some money.

This project, is something I'm dying to make!!! I cook a lot. And I want to add something, to our kitchen, that makes it a little fun. This could be it. Between, Classy Clutter is a new favorite of mine!

In fact, I've already purchased the materials for this project. I've measured out spaces. And we're well on our way. Project #2. Because Project #1, got started the night before last. In the middle of the night. After our good friend rescued, and delivered a bed to us. :) Thanks again Buddy! ♥

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