Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lucky Girl

I have to say this, I'm a lucky, lucky girl!!! I have this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G man in my life. That LOVES me much more, than he should. It's no secret. He goes over and above any expectations, that I could ever have. He's my honest to goodness, Prince Charming. Sent straight from God!!!

Sunday, I hopped on a plane. Headed out to visit my Mom. For her birthday, and Mother's Day. Zo and I, also had a credential thing to attend. You know, hours and hours of medical talk. To get that certificate that says, you in fact learned something.

Yesterday evening, we finally got back. If you follow me on Facebook, you could tell, I was happy to be home!!! I missed this man. More than words could say. The band, with their significant others and kiddos, arrived on Monday. And for the next almost 2 weeks, it's going to be so busy! Lots of work and performing, coming up.

So when I walked in the door, I was pleasantly surprised. Not just by the man that I love. But by the amazing things he had done for me. Like cooking a yummy dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and fresh corn. A little fresh strawberry cobbler. With vanilla ice cream. Delish!!!

After a delicious dinner, my Mr. cleaned up the kitchen, as I made my way, to a beautiful bubble bath. With a new book waiting for me. And I met this guy, in a beautifully crisp, cool, and gorgeous white bed. Where we caught up. On the last few days. Spent some good time cuddling. And just enjoying, being back together.

After crazy traveling, chaotic schedules, and life in general, it's nice to come home. To the man I love. And just be. To catch up. Enjoy life together. And embrace the few hours of peace and quiet, before our week gets nuts again!!!

I'm one very lucky woman! One that knows, men like this, are few and far between. I was that awkward girl in school. The one, that people wondered, "How could she be a cheerleader?" "What a dork!" "Poor girl." In lots of ways, that's still me. I'm not perfect. I've never been that "knock out." That is naturally a size 0. With perfect skin, hair and teeth. I'm not cool. I prefer for others to do my hair and makeup. Because, I'm still not confident in it.

In fact, I have lots of those awkward moments. When I wonder, "Why is he with me?" The fact is, this man, could have any woman!!! He's dated models, celebrities, and down right gorgeous women! But the one thing I'm positive about, is My Guy's love for me. He shows me all the time, how important I am, to him. And he's not afraid to tell me either.

This Man, is amazing. He's given up a lot, to be with me. To share these little moments. The ones that make life worth living. I'm so glad that we found each other. I'm so glad, that we're together. In this crazy thing we call life, he makes it worth living! And makes me feel, like I'm finally more than enough. The woman I am, right now, is perfect in his eyes. ♥

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