Monday, May 21, 2012

Going Red?

Every few years, I get this make a major change. Do something crazy! You know, throw everything in the air...and see what happens. And I'm just talking about life. Sometimes I'm taking about little things. Like hairstyle. Or hair color.

You see, I've always had long locks. For the last few years...extra long locks. And well...I'm getting a little tired of them. Mostly, I just need a change. It doesn't help that Manders is in town. And every single day, that she does my hair or makeup, I want her to live with us. And every single day, I complain just a tad bit, about the new white hairs that are invading my head! I'm only 29. What's up?

It might be stress. I'm a full time college student. With a full time internship. At a hospital. Pretty stressful. If I do say so myself. On top of that, I've got a boyfriend that travels for work...oh 40+ weeks out of the year. I'm trying to make 4 houses...into homes for us. Oh, and I have a sick parent. I'm a little stressed out. But I do believe, my white hair is genetic. You see, my paternal grandma had snow white hair! As did most of her aunts. I just think, I'll be snow white a handful of years.

So I took to my friend. The professional. And we started shooting around some ideas. Like a new hairstyle. Take about 10 inches off. Add some sassy-ness back in! As soon as we're done with these gigs. And maybe, a new color. Like say...RED?!?!?! I know. But the truth is, my Dad was a natural red head. And although I was born with jet black hair, over the years it has lightened. Naturally. Every single summer! I know have dark brown hair, with tons of red in it. So why not jump off the cliff?

This is actually, just a few shades redder than my natural color. Not much. And I'm also ghostly white. I'm not sure what happened to my Chicana genes...

Ya, I'm not convinced with this color. But I do have a cousin, and niece with this shade of red. To me, it's a bit too "on the orange side of things." Although Manders says, it will work well with my complexion. I'm just not feeling it...

This is actually perfection to me! I've got dark eyebrows like this. But a lot thicker. But honestly, I LOVE this color and style!!! Just red enough...but not too crazy. Or unnatural.

Oh, yes! I'm in LOVE with this darker color. Kate Walsh pulls it off so well! I like the hint of red. With the mystery of the dark color. :)

Let's not forget Debra Messing's gorgeous locks! LOVE the richness of this color. With the dimensions. Highlights and low lights. This color is gorgeous!

So I'm off to talk to Manders. And make some sort of decision. We probably won't do it right now. Since I'm performing, the entire time she is out here. But in just a few weeks, I'll be making weekly trips back home. For weddings, baptisms, and Father's Day. That's when, I am sure to take the plunge.

What do you think I should go with? I don't worry about maintenance. Believe me. I'll keep up with that. I'm just curious, what people think I should do. Just remember, I have pale skin, dark and thick eyebrows, and brown eyes. Hmm, which way should I go?

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