Friday, May 11, 2012

I LOVE Rain Boots!!!

Around here, it's been raining so much! In fact, I've been dealing with so much rain, I'm speechless. In general, I adore rainy days. Especially rainy nights. :) But when this guy has to work, it's not so good.

I've also realized, when we're on the road, it creates a bit of a problem. One, that a pair of rain boots, would easily fix. Oh rain boots, how I love you! I have a pair. That I bought a few years ago. And I wear them, whenever I garden. That's how much I love them.

But these days, I need some rain boots, you wear in the rain. :) Not the boring ones. Not even the typical yellow ones. But something fun. And unexpected. A pair, that I wouldn't mind wearing to the store. Or out to lunch with friends. Something like these...

How about a pair with painted flowers? I think these are so fun. And girly! Perfect with a casual outfit. Jeans, a t-shirt, a fun jacket. These would complete any outfit, you'd wear to lunch with a friend.

These bows just scream to me!!! I adore how they are basic. But with a feminine twist. Some bows. A little polka dots. I'd definitely buy a pair like this!

My favorites, have to be these flower printed pair. The colors, the flowers, oh the fun!!! I could definitely see these, in our motor home. Traveling the long roads, that we travel every week.

Have you seen some fun rain boots? Something that you just love! Or just have to have. I want a new pair. Like nobody's business. But all I've found in the stores, are your typical rain boots. Loud colors, but not too fun. I've got to keep on hunting. I hope I find a pair soon. For the last few weeks, all we've had is rain! ♥

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