Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Let me tell you a little secret. I have the most annoying hair, known to man! It's not curly, not straight, not pretty. Just frizzy. And puffy. It has a mind of it's own. And honestly, I call my hair..."The Chia Pet."

I'm not blessed. You see, I have 3 older sisters. 2 are my Dad's daughters, 1 is my Mom's daughter. They all have this glorious curly hair! The kind that is insanely kinky, curly, and gorgeous. Mine...looks like I've stuck my finger in the socket. Oh ya, I did that once. When I was a baby! Did that mess with my hair? I don't know. But it is so annoying!

In high school, almost every girl that I cheered with, wanted to "straighten" my hair. Well, I avoided them at all cost! My best friend, became the clip barrette. And the scrunchy...when I cheered. Sponge rollers, and eventually the hot rollers, were my best friends.

But right before I started college, I found the good 'ol hair straighteners. I bought a cheap-o pair at Target. I don't even remember the brand. But I spent $15. They worked OK. But with my thick and frizzy hair, I was far from perfectly straight hair.

Months later, I found CHI. Oh my goodness! My life changed. My hair, for the first time ever, could be stick straight. It introduced me, to new hairstyles. Easy, breezy days. Simple life. If I just had those bad boys with me. :)

Heck if I remember the brand of the 3rd pair I got. I can't remember. But these 2 pair, have been life changing. I know, that sounds crazy. Being that it's just hair. But honestly, it's the truth. That pair of CHI, are worth every penny! Dry hair, from beginning to end, could be straight in under 5 minutes. No lie! Pin straight, in 5 minutes.

Then, last summer they died. OK, I'd had them for almost 10 years. But my babies were no more! I took to that other pair. The ones I can't remember the brand name. And well, they got me through 3 and a half more hairstyles. Yes, I said a half! In the middle of doing my hair, there was no more heat...

Well, I didn't feel like investing another $100 or $300 at the time. So I tried to embrace my crazy hair! I bought all sorts of hair products. Researched them. Asked around. For almost a year now, I've embraced the texture of my hair. A little curly, a little nutty, a little frizzy. Seriously, my hair has a mind of it's own! All it's own!!!

We'd been going good. I took to braids. Various "up dos." A range of products. Silently, I welcomed the days when Manders was in charge of my hair and makeup. When I had to perform. When for a few brief days, my hair could be tamed.

I also did research. And had my little list, narrowed down to 2. The GHD. And Sultra. Pretty decent investments. I'd recently purchased a Sultra hair dryer. And well, I just couldn't make a decision on hair straighteners. No matter how many reviews I read. How many YouTube videos I watched. Or how many people I asked. But it was down to 2...

I never talk about these things. Especially with this guy. What would he think? Until about 2 weeks ago. My Guy finally asked why I've been wearing my hair up so much. I never wear it down anymore. See ladies, guys do notice these things! I told him what had happened. And he gave me that look. Like why in the heck, haven't you bought whatever you need to buy? See, I told you, I rarely shop. And I almost never, use this guy's money, for myself.

On the second day that my friends were here, I got a little surprise. I'm almost 100% positive that Mrs. Manders helped out here. :) I got this precious little package!!!

Life changing I tell you! Life changing. :) I get to now straighten my hair. Whenever in the heck I feel like it! Since I got my set of GHD straighteners, that's been every single day! I know. But really, even I had missed those super straight locks.

If you're on the fence about hair straighteners, I'd say..."Bite the Bullet!" If you have fairly fine hair, not too textured, a pair from Target will do fine. But those of us, with more complicated hair, well save your pennies. These are worth every single one!

Had I not been so stubborn, I would have bought these months ago! Perfectly straight hair, in just minutes. I've also curled my hair with this set. Super quick! And curls that last all day. Believe me, in the heat and humidity that we've been dealing with lately, this is pretty incredible! I just can't believe, that I lasted 11 months, without my "hair best friends!"

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