Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I've Learned...

One of the things that I've come to realize, about living in the South tea is like water. Everyone drinks it. Everyone expects it. And everyone has their own twist on it. Around these parts, Sweet Tea is KING! For the love of God, you better have a fresh pitcher, in your fridge at all times!

Me? I'm a little partial to the Sun Tea myself. No sweetener. Just a few slices of lemon. Of course, it should be in a good 'ol Mason Jar. With tons of ice...and a straw. But that's how I like it.

And with your tea, should come, "long sits on your porch." Taking in the beauty of the South. Catching up with loved ones. Reading a good book. Writing in your journal. Or doing a little craft. We're lucky. We've got a "Wrap Around Porch." Goes all the way around our home. In the front, we've got 6 beautiful rockers. On the side, a fun swing. In the back, the most comfy furniture you can imagine!

And today, I've been feeling a little down. My Love, is out working. In Georgia. He asked me to go with him, but we still had guests. And I haven't been feeling 100%. My friends, well I just said my goodbyes. As they make their way home. They will be missed!

So I took to our porch. Ice tea, good book, and fur babies in tow. We've tried to relax, and enjoy ourselves. But something is eating at me. Making this a tough day. A little praying has helped to calm me a bit...

But I'm positive, I need to go tackle a project. A cleaning project. I'm thinking the kitchen could use another good scrub. And I still have a few cabinets to weed through. Am I the only person, that deals with stress like this? I have to clean and organize something. And minimizing our things, always puts me at ease. ♥

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