Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Purse Bling Giveaway

Are you like me? At the end of the day, your purse looks like a "Hot Mess!" You know. There are tons of wrappers, receipts, and who knows what not all, inside your purse. You can hear your phone ring. But you can't find it. And in my case, I'm trying to sign a chart, on the way out of work, only to dig through my purse, for a pen, for 10 minutes. Let's not even start on how many crochet hooks get "lost" in the depths of my purse.

But wait, there is hope. Yes there is! Thanks to Purse Bling. Just look at this amazing piece!

It has tons and tons of pockets. Everything you could need or want is nicely organized inside your purse.

Just look at how pretty everything looks. So neat and organized. Not just a pile of stuff. Just imagine how easy it would be to change your purse!

I'm honestly in love! I know that I tend to say that a lot. But seriously, for this OCPD gal, this is a dream. And organizational dream I tell you! I just informed My Guy, if I don't win this, I need one of these beauties, for my birthday. :) Did I forget to tell you? You can win one of these cuties! Head over to Little Miss Momma and enter! ♥

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