Thursday, February 24, 2011

Much Love, Illy Giveaway

Do you know about Much Love, Illy? It's one of my favorite blogs! Really, Ilene is super sweet. I first heard about her from my prima, Gabi. Who happened to have won a giveaway sponsored by Ilene.

Well, now Much Love, Illy is celebrating it's Blogiversay! One year after it's beginning, there is a wonderful giveaway going on. With lots of beautiful prizes!

You have a chance to win an Allora Made necklace. So cute!

A package of homemade goodies.

A 2nd package of homemade goodies.

$20 credit chop credit to Much Love, Illy's shop!

And finally, this lovely bag from Lemode Accessories! Along with a cute pair of earrings.

So many wonderful things! Again, you must go visit Much Love, Illy. Such a cute blog. And you know, while you are there, enter the giveaway! ♥

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