Thursday, February 17, 2011

Living in the "Now"

Since I've been under the weather, I'm getting into reading again. Very much so! For anyone that knows me, even just a little bit, you know that I LOVE to read! :) Unfortunately, over the last 2 months or so, I've forgotten to pick up a good book. So this is a welcomed change of pace for me.

This morning I was so into my book, I didn't realize that My Guy was leaving for work. He stood there, at the foot of the bed, with a sad look on his face. Until his buddy came in and told me, I think he's waiting for something. Oh ya, a kiss.

Do you ever get that way? So into something that you are doing, that you forget about "real life." I have to admit, when I read, I get that way. And when I sew. It just feels like something takes over me. Oh ya, when I garden too!

Something tells me, I'm going to find little notes like this one. You know, floating around. To remind me about what's really important in life. I know that I need to do better. But right now, I'm just not in the best of spirits. It has a lot to do with my health, and my Dad's. But you know what, I'm going to make the effort.

I'm stuck on bed rest currently. But I did manage some dinner plans for My Guy and I tonight. And tonight, it's going to be all about time together. I've got a stack of his favorite movies. And a ton of music that he enjoys. Because nothing is more important than living in the "now." Good book or not, I have a GREAT man that loves me! ♥

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