Tuesday, February 22, 2011


These are chilaquiles. One of my favorite breakfast foods ever! And I'm not a "Breakfast Eater." Not at all! But the first time I had a plate of chilaquiles, I was sold! To be honest, we try to make this our breakfast, a couple of times a month.

This morning, My Guy went to go get his grandma. We usually have dinner with her on Monday nights. But certain things happened, and well, this week we couldn't meet for dinner. Instead, we are doing breakfast this morning. At our house, not hers. Very exciting!

And I just LOVE that she is so passionate about Mexican food. :) When we were making our plans for this morning, she asked me if I could make her a special dinner. What you ask? Chicken with mole. I can't wait! That's one of my favorite dinners! But that won't happen until we get back to town.

I'm not going to lie, it was a tough morning. Probably because we didn't get to bed until 3AM! I just couldn't sleep. The poor man tried everything to make me more comfy! It just wasn't happening. Then the alarm went off at 6:30AM! Not great for us. But we definitely had to get moving. You know how that goes...

My Guy got up and left. His grandma lives a ways from us. And I jumped in the shower. We have a crazy busy day ahead. Including my doctor's appointment, My Guy's work meetings, and our trip west. Yes, we're going to my hometown later today. Friday is my Dad's birthday. :)

I'm somewhat organized right now. Our bags are packed and sitting at the door as we speak. We're going to be gone until right before my birthday! That's nearly a month. Craziness! But My Guy is working out west until March 6th. Then we are still working on the plans for the following 10 days or so. But we'll be gone. I don't think our dogs are too happy about any of this. Not at all!

So I'm off to go make our version of "The Breakfast of Champions." You know, and start this day. Would it be bad if I ate a plate before My Guy and his grandma get here? I'm really hungry. And the kitchen smells so yummy already! ♥

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