Sunday, October 3, 2010

We Miss You B


It's been 5 years B. I can't believe it. 5 years! Yesterday, that was all I could think of. I miss you so much. I know your esposo misses you so much too We sat and talked about you and your baby today. He just fell apart. The emotions are still so raw.

I find myself still reaching for the phone. To call you. Just to chat about a new red lipstick that I've found. Or a new song that I like. I want to ask you how you're feeling. Or if you want to meet for lunch. I miss all of those things.

But it's your laugh, that I miss the most. It was fun and so full of life. Your smiles. I swear, they lit up an entire room. And your "Ya-yas." I miss all of those things about you B. I miss my friend.

I know that you are now with the Lord. And that you are no longer suffering. And for all of that, I find comfort. Because I know you are at ease. And you're happy. For those of us that you left behind, that's what makes it easier to deal with.

I still remember that last trip. All the fun we had. The fun wedding cakes we ate. How happy you were to see the groups playing. How happy we all were. Gabe and Linda had just gotten married. Sals and David had just had Marissa. Sarita was due any day. And you had told me about your little one. It was such an amazing trip!

Tonight, we celebrated you life. And your baby's life. The mass was beautiful. The music was gorgeous. But how could Mariachi not be gorgeous? It took everything I had inside, to get through some of those songs. It meant so much that your esposo asked me to sing them.

We all miss you so much. Sarita is always calling you her "Angel." But you're really A Guardian Angel to us all. It's been a tough 5 years. So much has changed. There are so many little ones. Your hubby has moved away. I've moved away. But we all still love and miss and love you so much!


La Chiquitita

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