Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hard Stuff

Today, I had to leave for work. Tough. Especially when I have to be in Sin City for a week. I didn't want to leave my friend. Or Baby C. That's tough. It's been just over a week since their horrible accident. But even I know, sometimes you need to put on your "Big Girl" panties. Life isn't always easy. And it never stops. Even when you're overwhelmed.

Besides, they're both getting the best possible care. They have so many people taking care of them. And visiting. Like My Guy's family, and tons of friends. And there is always the phone and the computer. I can keep in touch with them. We're going to survive this week. And before I know it, I'll be back to holding Baby C.

The only thing that made this day bearable, My Guy decided to come with me. He'll only be here until Thursday. Because he has to work in the SE. But I'll take what I can, when I can. I'm determined to make this a good week. :) ♥

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