Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Day of Blessings

Today was such an amazing day! It was a blessing. Straight from God. My friend got to meet her little girl. For the first time! Since she was unconscious for Baby C's first few days of life. And then, they were 3 hours apart from each other. At separate hospitals.

But this morning, my friend got to be transferred to a nearby hospital. She was in stable condition. And they flew into the hospital where Baby C is. I short visit was scheduled before my friend had to go to the hospital where she will recover at. My friend and her baby girl got to meet. It was so special. And so emotional. I cried. Everyone that was there, they all cried. It was such a touching moment.

I mean, she's been waiting 9 months to meet her little one. They finally got to meet! And Baby C, you could tell that she knew her mommy. :) My friend was a little unsure of holding Baby C at first. Mostly because the entire right side of her body is bruised, broken, and not it's usually self. She didn't want to drop her little girl.

But we got her situated. And she got to hold her precious little girl. It was so emotional. We all cried! Her brother, her sister-in-law, Barracuda, My Guy, and myself. Because we knew how special this moment was. Just days before, I wasn't sure if either of them were going to survive. And here they were, staring into each others eyes. So perfect!

My friend had already asked me, a couple of days ago, for a favor. To call our priest. To make sure that he could come and baptize Baby C. We planned everything. We just needed my friend to be there. So the minute I heard she was being transferred, we called our priest back.

And he was so pleased to hear the good news. He called another priest, to do his 2nd and 3rd masses for him. And he came to the hospital. Ready to help us celebrate such a miracle.

My Guy and I had already picked up Baby C's baptism dress. We had done that earlier in the week. When we had to go get W. And pick up some of Baby C's things. Carefully we dressed Baby C. And we got to baptize her. She looked perfect! And this was such a special moment. A moment in time, that I'll never forget.

Now, we are forever bonded. More so than before. Yes, over the last week, I've become so close to this little girl. But now the bonds are deeper and stronger. Through the will of God. My friend cried. Like she told me, this week has been a blur. Nothing that she expected. But she was just happy to get to hold her little girl.

My Guy's family cooked a yummy dinner and brought it to us. A traditional Southern meal. It was perfect. And it gave us all a little bit of time to relax. And to enjoy each other's company. It's been a tough week. This was a moment that we all needed.

And before my friend had to leave, she was being taken to the hospital where she would be recovering at, we went back to see Baby C. My friend cried. She didn't want to leave. But we gave her a long visit with her daughter. Just the 2 of them. To talk. And to encourage the other to fight. This is going to be a long recovery for both of them. And they need the love and support of the other.

It was a touching day. A day that I prayed would come. Both my friend and Baby C are so special. I'm glad that they finally got to meet. And to enjoy each other. It was incredibly special. A day that I'll never forget. And a day that I will always thank God for. ♥

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