Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Still Praying

It's been another long and tough day. Both my friend and Baby C have had multiple surgeries. The one bit of comfort, that has come, is from knowing that the man that did this to them, is safely locked in jail.

It's been tough. I still haven't gotten to talk to my friend. They have her medicated to keep her asleep. She has lost so much blood! And is so beat up. The Midwife has also had multiple surgeries. It just makes you feel so small and helpless. I just want to help them all. But there is nothing that we can do.

Baby C, she is a miracle of God. She is holding strong. From her outward appearance, you would never know that anything is wrong. Well, except that she is hooked up to all these machines. And well, it just pains me. She had another surgery. And is being fed through a feeding tube in her belly. Talk about tough.

I feel like I can't leave her side. Her mommy wouldn't want her to be alone. And that's going to make the rest of my week tough. Because I have to work. Just like Barracuda and My Guy. I don't have a job that I can call into. I have to get up every single day and just go. It's hard being in a band. When there is only one of you. And only you can do the job.

But I believe in God. I know that he will make it possible. He will do what is best for my friend and her little girl. And also for the Midwife. He will do what he thinks is best for the other driver. I'm not going to judge or condemn anyone. I just want for these 3 innocent lives to be OK. I want them to be healthy and happy again. I want for my friend to be able to hold her little girl. To raise and love her. Just like she's dreamt over the last few months. ♥

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