Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Importance of Family

We all have this vision of what the "Perfect Family" should look like. A Mom and a Dad that love each other. 2 or 3 healthy kids. Maybe a few pets. A nice home. Etc.

But sometimes in life, it's just not that way. I know this. From my own, real life experience. I come from a blended family. There are 9 kids. My Dad's ex-wife lives down the block from my parents. My siblings and I don't necessarily get a long. They're all much older than I am.

But the one thing I can always count on, and I mean always count on, is my parents. If anything were to happen to me, they'd be there. In a heartbeat. I wouldn't have to think twice.

For my friend, it's not the same. Her dad left years ago. Her mom pretty much disowned her, when she met T. When her life started to improve. And she was cut off from the rest of her family. So right now, as her and her baby are fighting for their lives, they have no family. No blood related family.

T he is still legally my friend's husband. He is the father of Baby C. But he wants nothing to do with them. This man that was supposed to love her forever, he can't be bothered with this minor detail. He refuses to see their daughter. In fact, his only concern was the hospital costs. I'm not lying!

family is more than just the people that we are related to because of DNA or legal papers. Family is also created. From amazing friends. The people that love you the most. And that, my friend and her baby girl, they have that. They also have T's sister. Who is splitting her time between my friend and her baby, and T's other infant daughter. We're all grateful for her!

It doesn't make it any easier. We're trying to track down a few key people. A few that I know really love my friend. But that she hasn't been able to talk to in over 2 years. I hope that we can find them. I think it's important for her to have their love and support. It's also important for them. We don't know which way this is going to turn out. It's tough.

I will be here no matter what! This is where I belong right now. I'm their family. So is Barracuda. And My Guy. And their families. And so many friends. We're all important at this time. Because we're their family. And we'll be here through it all! Because that is what family is all about. Being here through the good and the bad. We love you both! And all we want is for you to recover.

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