Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hi! I'm Lola. I'm 1/2 of the couple, that can't figure out what day it is. Or what time it is. It's horrible! We packed for a trip 2 days early. On Tuesday, I thought it was Wednesday. We even left early on our trip. Pit house. Not really halfway, but a nice place to spend a day or so. :)

I know that we travel a lot. But our schedules are pretty set in stone. We should know what the day is. The time? Well, we jump timezones a lot. So I understand. But still. We should know these things.

Yes, we've been beyond busy. Been crazy tired. You know, all of those things that happen in life. But we're dealing. Trying to remember that today is Thursday. That we are on our way to CA. Because My Guy has to work there this weekend.

We might eventually figure out the day of the week. But until then, I'm just enjoying a little downtime. You know, with the man I love. The one that is making us breakfast right now. Ya, that one. He doesn't regularly cook for us. Heck, we're usually not this awake, this early in the morning. I'm the cook in the house. The cheerleader that bribes the man to get up in the morning. Because he has an early morning meeting, or something. But he's being super sweet about it all. Maybe he's realizing how tired the 2 of us both are.♥

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